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Karen Christine Greaves

Artist Statement

Karen Christine Greaves is a Contemporary Artist, her art delves into the essence of the divine feminine—an energy pulsating with spiritual power, intricately woven into the body. It's the wellspring of her intuition, empathy, and creativity, a profound journey of embracing oneself and fostering self-acceptance. Her passion lies in illuminating the prominence of this divine feminine force, a beacon for healing within our existence. Her art aims to portray the radiance of our inner light, our ability to love and nurture, while also exploring the shadows that linger within us.

Peel Open Studios

Enter the vibrant world of artistic expression from April 13th to April 21st, as over 100 visual artists from the Peel region graciously open their studios to welcome you. Immerse yourself in their creative process, witness works in various stages of completion across a diverse array of mediums, and connect with our exceptionally talented local artists at this unique cultural event. 

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Click on the link to be directed to our Social Arts WA website

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