Karen's creative process starts with a brainstorm of ideas but it doesn't necessarily adhere to a definitive plan; instead, she trusts the process to cultivate a free flow of patterns, organic shapes, and vibrant hues. 

Amidst this beautiful chaos lies a harmonious convergence of consciousness and the unknown, fostering creativity and transformation. These female figures embody not just the artist's personal evolution and spiritual quest but also echo the stories of influential women in her life, evolving through life's trials, finding growth in the darkness, and embracing the light.

Rooted in the elements-earth, water, fire, air, and the ether-goddess-like forms transcend, emerging from textured elements of nature. Blurring the boundaries between humanity and nature, representing a fusion of human/nature hybrid forms. Organic shapes, overlays of leaves, branches, vines, and root systems symbolise the intertwining connections between humans and the natural world, akin to veins and arteries. A visual metaphor for the interconnectedness between humans and the natural world. They evolve through layers of multicoloured depth, depicted in postures honouring self-acceptance, healing from trauma, and celebrating ancestral rituals, transforming them as they exist in a spacious realm of saturated colours and ethereal light.

Intricate patterns, symbolic flora, and fauna details adorn these figures, echoing the profound connection between the human spirit and the environment. Ancient symbols, spirals, circles, and dots fill the surroundings with depth and symbolism.

Each artwork represents a sacred space-a transformative journey, embodying empowerment, intuition, authenticity, self-love, and self-acceptance and connection with the divine, filled with collaborative, fluid, and intuitive feminine energy. They evoke a sense of wonder, grounding her while connecting  deeply to Mother Earth. 

Karen's art celebrates the divine feminine within us all, transcending gender identities, and seeks to honour the sanctity of our bodies and souls-the vessels of our unique stories, worthy of reverence and celebration.