Karen Christine Greaves is a Contemporary Artist born in Durban, South Africa, in 1968. Graduating with a major in Fine Arts and Visual Culture from Curtin University, she now resides and works from her home studio in Dawesville, Western Australia.

In 1995, Karen ventured to Guildford Surrey, UK, where she immersed herself in the art scene and eventually met her Australian husband. Relocating to Australia in 1996, she tied the knot in 1998 and proudly became an Australian citizen in 2002.

Driven by her passion for art education, Karen runs an art school, offering after-school sessions for children and recreational classes for adults. 

Her artistic vision draws heavily from the natural world, weaving themes of mythology, esotericism, transformation, and metamorphosis into her creations, often depicting human/nature hybrid forms.

Frida Kahlo and Gustav Klimt have long served as sources of inspiration for Karen, their painting styles and compositions resonating deeply with her. She also finds contemporary influence in artists like Del Kathryn Barton, admiring her whimsical style, extensive mark-making, and intricate works. Additionally, Karen appreciates Alyssa Monks' skilful integration of the human body into natural landscapes.

Throughout her career, Karen has participated in various group exhibitions and art awards, notably the prestigious Doug Moran National Portrait Prize. In 2000, she was honoured as one of thirty finalists, showcasing her work during the Sydney Olympic Games and in galleries across Australia as part of a traveling exhibition.

Currently, Karen is diligently working towards her solo exhibition, leveraging her diverse influences and years of artistic exploration to create a compelling body of work that reflects her unique perspective and artistic journey.